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On the other hand, if I had been able to install smoothly before the system upgrade everything might be OK. NAS Drives – Enterprise. If I try to install the default it fails and if I try to install the folder alone it fails. Nov 4, Has been qualified by Apple, Avid and others for connection to video decks. I has a look at it after reading your message.

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But tried that this last time and it worked probably while you were writing you post a minute ago. Unfortunately, this adapter is no longer made. Printers – Multi Function Laser.

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Greg Earle Greg Earle. Package name is keyspanUSAdrvr installer: I have not restarted since, and will try that soon to verify that there are no ongoing issues. Printers – Laser Mono. It is important to note that to work with an X-Rite instrument, all Keyspan converters require the use of a Driver supplied by Keyspan to work properly.

Reboot was not required.

I started doing some research after reading this post about having to manually enable support for USB to Serial keyspan adapters. Same error both ways. Oct 19, 1: Did you all install from the command line or by double clicking the package? Mac-only model USAx twin serial adapter: Attempted using the driver with “screen” like normal and all good. Now with a bona fide 28XG all is well under El Capitan.


The installer says that, like the USA49WG installer, the driver included is compatible with many devices. There seem to be multiple versions of the adapter, with slightly different model numbers, and it could be that some of them will only work to 56, baud. Sorry if this has been a waste of your time.

Keyspan USB adapters hardware and software matrix

Has been qualified by Apple, Avid and others for connection to video decks. Supports use of multiple adapters on one Mac. I connected it through a DB9 female to DB25 male adapter cable that I happened to have, and the test program hsa-28 immediately able to communicate with the LocoNet.

Sorry for missing that folder part earlier – or probably would have been good. Since there are two ports, I build a small adapter to use the control line from the second port to provide kejspan other level.

While we have received user reports of various problems with we kehspan not found problems with the Keyspan series as long as the latest driver software is in use, and only one adapter is being used. Oct 9, So I took the plunge. My serial adapter had been unplugged throughout all of this, so I decided to plug it in – and this crashed the computer!


These terms are in addition to and do not affect any terms, conditions, guarantees and warranties implied by law. There is good reason why we sell more Mac USB serial adapters than any other company.

Keyspan USA-28 Free Driver Download (Official)

I can install the driver alone but it does not work. Oct 8, People who purchased this product also purchased.

It works fine for me except that any time I restart my machine there’s a kernel panic crash after entering my password. Also, just did the standard GUI double click method for installing, as well. Please wait while we contact PayPal to continue with your order.