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Why have the people in the know not just simply created the driver and the uploaded it, so that it became easily available to everyone who requires it. As it turned out my drive failed, so I just purchased another one from ebay…. I disabled driver signing, installed legacy device in dev manager, still no go. Heres the step by step for windows 7. Don’t feel bad Phil! I would like to thank everyone here for their input All of these suggestions will keep 7 running legacy hardware Had to cleanup an old SCSI drive today and realized I do not have anything running SCSI anymore

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For some reason, that driver was dropped from the in-box drivers in Windows 7. It saved the day. I have tried uninstalling the device and then forcing it to use the 2940iw file but it says this does not have any drivers for my device. I used it and pointed it into my file that I had put into the “Driver Store”: Thanks for responding to my post.

It saved the day. However, I was able to run the scanner using VueScan.


You then install as normal, requesting to select the driver yourself, instead of Windows and you’re done. So really thx and i can say a lot of people need this driver!!! This I am not sure of as I have not run into it.


I found them here: Backup — Windows and Windows Server. Also resurrected my old Microtek Scanmaker 35T Plus adaptef scanner. Friday, February 14, 9: Tuesday, March 29, 1: All I did next was right click and update driver adapec the same folder that I installed from on legacy. The only thing I can think of at this time is that I have seen.

SCSI Adapter – Adaptec – Adaptec AHA-2940UW PCI SCSI Controller Computer Driver Updates

aa Notify me of new comments via email. I can now clear the disks on my old SCSI servers so they can be donated. When it wants to browse or have you tell it where the folder is located, select that you will choose from the Adaptec selections available in Windows 7.

Hi Ray I tried the U2W first, could not get it to work, I ended up purchasing the exact same card as the Sdaptec, It worked without having to modify any code. Thanks again, uw wish I could return the favor, aha uw xp have a great Christmas!!!!!!!! For your convenience, I have list the related link as followed.

My hardware ID has four entries, which are as follows:. It would recognize the controller but would not initialize the drive. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.



Good Luck and thanks to the person who found this fix. Windows 7 does not sha the default bit driver for my U2 card aic78u2. Unfortunately, HP did not update the scanner driver. It then installed aha uw xp driver okay and I am running just fine.

Don’t feel bad Phil! It is now showing in dev mgr but I am getting error code 10 can not start in windows 7 64 bit. Daaptec have really improved my life and I am very grateful! I found the above worked, and just to help those out there, here is a forum with someone who has shared the Vista x64 driver, it worked for me today 2nd Oct Thanks for any and all help, I am trying to get an LTO2 tape drive to work so I can back up all of my data, to many drives failing these days, gig tape seems a reasonable solution if I could get it to work.