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To further study the conductive nature of low pressure air he set up a test facility at high altitude in Colorado Springs during Capacitive wireless power systems. By , a miniature helicopter propelled by microwave power had been demonstrated. A short cultural history of wireless power. In this method, power is transmitted between two rotating armatures , one in the transmitter and one in the receiver, which rotate synchronously, coupled together by a magnetic field generated by permanent magnets on the armatures. A controlled process for thoroughly curing light-activated surgical and dental composites is presented using a hand-held, self-contained, cordless, rechargeable laser instrument.

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Pulling the plug on electric cars”. Tesla thought this would allow alternating current to be received with a similar capacitive antenna tuned to resonance with it at any point on Earth with very little power loss. The beam is collimated and, therefore, has constant power along the propagation length of the beam.

The beam is focused through a lens 8 after being reflected from turning mirror 7. Ccordless, the concept of laser aperture considerably differs from an antenna.

The development of microwave technology during World War 2, such as the klystron and magnetron tubes and parabolic antennas [] made cillimated far-field methods practical for the first time, and the first long-distance wireless power transmission was achieved in the s by William C.

A process of curing photo-polymerizable material comprising the steps of: These are the different wireless power technologies: These and other objects are achieved in the present inventive method of use of a cordless medical laser by generating and focusing a single line wavelength laser light from a hand-held, self-contained, diode laser instrument.



Ininventor Hatem Zeine demonstrated how wireless power transmission using phased array antennas can deliver electrical power up to 30 feet. The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. Resonant inductive coupling electrodynamic coupling[23] strongly coupled magnetic colliamted [35] is a form of inductive coupling in which power is transferred by magnetic fields B, green between two resonant circuits tuned circuitsone in the transmitter and one in the receiver see diagram, right.

If my conducting atmosphere is 2 or 3 miles above the plant, I consider this very near the terminal as compared to the distance of my receiving terminal, which may be across the Pacific. Sarkar, Robert Mailloux, Arthur A.

Wireless power transfer

This device has been proposed as an alternative to inductive cordlesd transfer for noncontact charging of electric vehicles. As a result, inductive and capacitive coupling can only be used for short-range power transfer, within a few times the diameter of the antenna device D ant. Springer Science and Business Media. In collmiated projects Wikimedia Commons. YAG laser for cutting in dental applications in U. One of the earliest proposed applications of inductive transfer was to power electric locomotives.

Method of using a cordless medical laser to cure composites – SHIMOJI YUTAKA

Wireless Pasts and Wired Collimatec. These and other objects and advantages of the present invention will become more apparent from the following drawing and description of preferred embodiment. Smaller antennae also suffer from excessive losses due corvless side lobes. Wireless energy transfer systems using lasers for consumer space have to satisfy laser safety requirements standardized under IEC Transcutaneous capacitive wireless power transfer C—WPT for biomedical implants.


Search Expert Search Quick Search. Induction heating has been used since the early s.

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The present invention is a method for curing surgical and dental composites using a hand-held, cordless, portable, self-contained diode laser instrument such as the one shown in FIG. Retrieved 4 November On Microwave Theory and Technique. At least one diode laser generates focused laser light, and enhances efficiency and control of curing. In a wireless power transmission system, a transmitter device, driven by electric power from a power sourcegenerates a time-varying electromagnetic fieldwhich transmits power across space to a receiver device, which extracts power from the field and supplies it corrdless an electrical load.

Retrieved 16 January These fields can exert oscillating forces on the electrons in a receiving “antenna”, causing them to move back and forth. The 19th century saw many developments of theories, and counter-theories on how electrical energy might be transmitted. Following World War II, coolimated saw the development of high-power microwave emitters known as cavity magnetronsthe idea of using microwaves to transfer power was researched.

The device is not a compact, hand-held, self-contained instrument.