Driver Shortcuts

Commission seeks accredited judge. Getting to Know You with Roderick Balgobin. In Ontario, at Clinton Raceway, their monte event is the first on the regular card with pari-mutuel wagering. It just seemed like the right move at the right time. Amount of Irishmen competing ‘Dublin’ size. It was a culture change, everything changed from different currency to different lingos.

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How did you become interested in harness racing?

You can call Don’tcallmefrancis a winner. I left and went to Nanney and liked it up there but America is where everyone wants to be, really. Joe is grateful for everyone who has helped him along the way from the folks in Canada to Anthony Haughan who he first worked for back in Ireland.

I think it was After Joe’s stint in the Ontario racing scene, he went back home to Harndss and quickly there after Joe moved to the United States when he was offered a job by Richard Norman as a Second Trainer. ValstadRadical Dreamer S. Better known as “Irish” Joe Hanney, he worked for Nifty Norman for a year and spent two campaigns with Joe Holloway before opening his own training stable in the fall of Joe Hanney – will drive in the St.


They appear to have a real passion for the sport and hopefully a meeting like this can really give the sport a boast there. Initially I went to Canada but America is where everyone wants to be because that’s where all the top drivers and top trainers are. Make this country default. Commission seeks accredited judge.

We have a small industry back home. If you can compete here, you can compete anywhere. I knew I wanted to stay in Canada or America for the rest of my life.

A conversation with ‘Irish’ Joe Hanney :: Harnesslink

When you go from working with Thoroughbreds who can get hot headed to working with Standardbreds that are easier to handle, I found I could work with the young Hwnney easily compared to young Thoroughbreds. I guess being the underdog is a good thing sometimes. Anthony talked about how great a trip this will be.

Was it difficult to get started?

Joe is a deep thinker and his philosophy is if you are going to be successful you need to be organized. Other than that, really, it’s just working and driving.


When Monticello Raceway presents its 13th annual St. It was a pretty good feeling.

Irish trainer enjoying greener pastures

I figured I’d give her shot. I had a horse Roburascal and he set a new lifetime mark; Yannick Gingras drove him. I got my first start working for Mariner Stud in Newcastle County, Dublin, which were close friends of the family. I had a horse Roburascal and he set a new lifetime mark; Yannick Gingras drove him.

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To be organized involves one to do a lot of thinking and planning. Read More News About Make this country default. I really like racing at the Meadowlands.

A conversation with ‘Irish’ Joe Hanney

Peter Grandich is one of Joe’s owners that he is very thankful for always having continuous support in him. I started picking up a few horses of my own with my partner and things kind of got going good. The name of the owner was Anthony Haughan Sr.