Driver Shortcuts

Note the felt, sand, and acousta-stuff. In all cases, the good news is that you can have it mostly your way by tweaking toe-in until you find the presentation you desire. The JX92S is constructed on an aluminum die-cast frame. Need help deciding on a projector Latest: After the glue is dry, I used a router and sandpaper to clean the box up, and painted it. The Jordan JX92S is a 5″ metal cone fullrange driver which is listed by the manufacturer as having an X max of 9 mm. There’s no guesswork involved.

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The driver should be gasketed – I used some gooey stuff I had sitting around that I got from one of the speaker jx92z. The Jordan JX92S is a very well regarded fullrange driver which is known for it’s smooth frequency response and it’s ability to deliver much more bass than any similar sized fullrange driver.

The first thing I noticed is a level of clarity I had never heard out of bookshelfs, though I do not have a lot of experience with high jordn ones either.

DIY Jordan JX92S bookshelfs

I took the speaker to a local audio event and the Jordan’s were the hit of the party. Highs were amazingly detailed and present, especially considering there is no tweeter in the system at all. You can use the component values shown in Figure 3 and tune the BSC to suit your room and amplifier.

I know Jordan has a fewand I’m sure there are others. A sealed enclosure will also work well with some LF help. At half the price of the other two, it offers a cabinet jorvan of MDF for the back and sides and more lively Baltic Birch for the front panel – potentially the best of both worlds.


First, you have to sand the sides and internal pieces so that they are absolutely flat in one planeso you get a good airtight glue joint between the side and everything else. The Jordan JX92S is a 5″ metal cone fullrange driver which is listed by the manufacturer as having an X max of 9 mm.

Even the Ridges’ side vents, despite their at times boomy bass, managed to remain unobtrusive as long as I kept the speakers a few feet away from corners and walls, relatively easy to jordzn in a 20′ x 20′ room. Words like “cute”, “tiny” and “matching the bedroom bookshelves” that would never cross my mind in conjunction with evaluating a pair of speakers had me on the double moving the Ridges to our bedroom without even a chance of arguing that it’s the worst-sounding room in the house.

The cabinet design being public, the Ridge is not the only speaker using it. Building it – Updated – fixed dimensions! If you want to see the parameters I used in the Mathcad model, you can download a PDF of my spreadsheet. As I have discovered over the weeks, the Ridges are very accommodating when ux92s comes to room placement or even the quality of the room you put them in.

Jordan JX92S Fullrange Speaker Driver (Transducer)

The JX92S is constructed on an aluminum die-cast frame. Note the felt, sand, and acousta-stuff.


Piano has depth and character, guitar is as expected Speaking of our better halves, mine just fell jordam the looks of the Ridges.

Over the three Road Tour interactions and subsequent visits, Michael and Robin have become friends. Female voices are incredible, I had never heard Jewel breathe so much, Norah Jones sounded sultry and liquid. Note photos are hyperlinked to full-size images. Next, all the internal felt pieces need to be fit. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

The frequency response was calculated using WinISD.

DIY Jordan JX92S bookshelfs | Audioholics Home Theater Forums

Danzilla31 Today at 1: This is a very attractive driver that is very well built. When Robin contacted 6moons for a review of his newly produced Ridge speaker, Michael sagely decided to pass on the opportunity despite the fact that the Ridges are jordwn more in his area of expertise than mine.

Thread starter billnchristy Start date Feb 22, If your allegiance is not yet made or primarily to your wallet, enter the Ridge. The table below shows jorddan comparison of the measured and published specifications.

Obviously this single driver speaker does not need a crossover of any sort. They do seem a little less efficient than the AV Ref.